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Oil and Gas Production Operator

For: High school students
Where: Select areas of Alberta. Ask us if this program is available where you live.
Industry: Industrial Technology - Oil and Gas
Pay: Hourly wage
Opportunity: Take production field operations theory courses alongside your regular high school classes, work in an internship each summer and, if you start in grade 10, graduate with certification in production field operations. 

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Talk to your Off Campus Teacher to see if this program is offered through your school.

In CAREERS' Oil and Gas Production Field Operator Program, offered in southeastern Alberta, students combine post-secondary theory courses at school and internship time. At the end of their training, they qualify for certification as production field operators.

CAREERS pre-screens students based on their academic records, attendance, application and attitude. We suggest possible matches, and the employer interview the students to choose the best fit for their company.

After the hiring process, the student will complete a summer internship of about six weeks at the job site.

Many of the youth in the program go on to become production field operators or pursue post-secondary education in petroleum technology, introducing much-needed younger employees to the industry.

Want a student intern this summer? Talk to us about becoming a production field operations employer today.