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Health Services


Are you mature, compassionate and caring? Are you interested in exploring a career in health services. Find out if this is the right path for you by trying our Health Services Youth Initiative.

The Health Services Youth Initiative gives grade 11 students the opportunity to explore one of over 200 health occupations through a summer internship. Students may earn an honorarium, school credits and valuable experience in the health services field.

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*The CAREERS: Health Services Youth Initiative will have a limited number of positions per calendar year.  Please contact the Off-Campus teacher at your school or the CAREERS Field Director in your area before submitting an application. 

**Health application submission deadline: 2nd Friday in April


CAREERS: The Next Generation has a program for employers interested in hiring a health services student intern.

This program operates all across Alberta linking health services employers to students interested in the health sector. Students need the support from Employers to complete a six to eight week summer, or a part time semester internship.

Eligible candidates who have been pre-screened by CAREERS, and their school based on their grades, attendance, and attitude will be submitted for your consideration.  

To support Youth Employment- Hire a health student intern today! Contact CAREERS to get started.