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Workshops & Presentations

CAREERS’ team of field professionals put on trades, industrial technologies and health services workshops in junior and senior high schools across Alberta. Our goal is to educate as many students as possible about career paths and internship opportunities in these sectors.

We currently offer both in-class student workshops and parent evenings focusing on either trades and industrial technologies or health services. 

Your workshop or parent evening includes: 

  • an introduction to trades or health services;
  • dispelling common myths about trades and industrial technologies or health services (eg. Trades have low pay, health careers only include nurses and doctors);
  • an introduction to internship and CAREERS programs; and
  • ways for students and parents to follow up and learn more. 

Workshops are a great way to introduce your students to industries and internships they might not otherwise learn about. The information we provide in workshops or parent evenings can help: 

  • junior high students choose which classes to take in high school;
  • high school students decide on an internship opportunity;
  • all students find motivation for keeping up grades or staying in school; and
  • parents be supportive of a career in trades, industrial technologies or health services.


Contact CAREERS to book an in-class workshop or a parent evening at your school today.