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Success Stories

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At our annual Futures Circle event, investors (donors) from Cenovus Energy and Syncrude Canada told the crowd WHY they contribute to CAREERS: The Next Generation.


“Being the youngest guy in the crew was intimidating at first, but I learned to hold my own and gained real word experience you just can’t find in high school alone.

I am now 22 years old, a journeyman carpenter, and I own a home I paid for with my own money.”

– Josh,  former Registered Apprenticeship Program student intern


“ATCO Power and the Sheerness Generating Station were honoured to be part of [the power engineering program] and fortunate to have two students involved in the program upon its inception. 

Having the students employed at the station through their summer internship has presented some hidden benefits…The students have helped our own people develop as well. It’s often said we don’t realize how well we truly understand a process until we have to teach it to someone else. The students’ questions and training program supported the continued development of my relatively junior operators. Having a sidekick also improved [my employees’] health and safety; there’s always someone to help hold a ladder, carry a heavy load, or simply provide another set of eyes in the troubleshooting process.

Having completed the program with these first two young gentlemen I can say without a doubt there are great benefits to having CAREERS students involved in our operation.” 

 Dean Kroetsch, Operations Manager at Sheerness Generating Station and CAREERS employer


“Before this opportunity, the one constant in our son’s life was his dislike of school. Charles was not sure of his goals in life. 

This apprenticeship program and your support changed all of that. Charles is now motivated in finishing high school and  pursuing further education/training within his chosen field of automotive service technician. 

[We] saw Charles’ transformation from an unsure 17 year old to a self-directed and confident individual. I am seeing the makings of a mature, generous young man growing into the productive and responsible individual that we’ve always known him to be.”

– Lucie and Michel, parents of a RAP student (letter to Charlie's RAP coordinator)