a future worth working for


CAREERS: The Next Generation is a unique, non-profit organization raising youth awareness of career options and helping students earn while they learn through internship. We partner with government, educators, communities, industry, parents and students to introduce youth to rewarding careers and develop the skilled workers of the future.

We believe introducing students to great career options in high school motivates them in school, grows their skills, expands their opportunities and ultimately creates communities with a large and diverse skilled workforce.

CAREERS currently offers programs in the health services, trades and industrial technologies. 

CAREERS invests in the workforce of the future by:

  • enabling students to explore their career options;
  • helping students get internships to grow their skills and employability;
  • supporting career education; and
  • promoting student awareness of industries with future job opportunities.

Our Vision 

"Strong, vibrant communities where youth develop successful careers"

Our Mission

"Enable youth on their path to rewarding careers"

We will achieve this by:

  • Working in partnership with industry, education partners, government and communities to provide career awareness, exploration and career path opportunities for youth in the trades and other selected high skills shortage areas;
  • Building bridges between education and industry that link workplace opportunities with classroom learning; and
  • Helping local and regional communities expand capacity to achieve economic competitiveness in a global economy through the growth of a skilled workforce.


CAREERS Program Information Sheet

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For more information, or to work with CAREERS, contact us.